On the the Farm of the Self-serving man . 

Man by nature is inherently selfish and callous to his neighbor . You don’t need rocket science to know this . Just take a stroll in your neighborhood and try asking any passerby to help you move a burdening luggage to the other side of the street . Many will decline with the excuse that they have a meeting to catch or something much important needs their attention . This particular instance was my recent experience .

I however believe there are a quite a number of people who would’ve given me a better experience  . I also believe a number of you might have encountered similar situations under different circumstance . I hope you were able to offer assistance in your own little way.

Today , I’m not here to reemphasise over the obvious but just to draw your attention to this cancer that is gradually eroding our humanity . Tearing down every inkling of the human genome in our race.

We are gradually devolving into our bestial primates and there is no shame about it . We are proud of our scientific progress and will quickly give ourselves credit for being the most civilized people to ever grace earth . But is that the case? Ask yourself.


Man’s Ego and a Thriving War Industry- A Brief Retrospection


Photo Credit – Al Jazeera

Men kill each other over ego and superiority instead of looking at the best interest of safeguarding innocent lives who most of the time are counted as collateral damage of conflicts and wars they have no knowledge about.

I am not from a rich country, neither am I wealthy nor comfortable. in fact the average nominal per capita income of my country is a little above $1,511.

But the fact is too many people have died and continue to die in wars created in political meetings spearheaded by politicians and stakeholders with vested interests. This self-sustaining war industry final interest rest  greed.I cannot overrule the influence of political and ideological underpinnings in such unfortunate conflicts but again why would a reasonable man want to profit from the death of another. From this standpoint, I tend to agree with Thomas Hobbes description of the state of man as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.

No one seems to care about who dies anymore. Every minor political disagreement could be blown up by the media  and the end result is death of innocent people .

Earlier today,I was watching a news story on Al Jazeera News Network and my heart sunk further into my stomach because of the worsening famine situation of the people of Yemen.

Already one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, their problems  have been compounded by a civil war which doesn’t seem to see an end in sight. This war  began in 2015 and has brought nothing but more pain and devastation to the people.

Again I am not a saint. I have my shortcomings but I abhor any kind of violence. I find it very disturbing that humans would entertain the thoughts of war when much focus could be concentrated on sustainable development and repairing the already fractured bridge of peace that has eluded us for eternity.

Yemen is facing one of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world and I cant seem to figure out how the UN can’t find $2.1bn to provide aid but its richest neighbours Saudi Arabia strikes an arms deal worth over a 100 billion dollars with America. I will be the first to admit the complicated nature of geopolitics but this doesn’t sink in. at all.

To this, I ask where is our humanity?

5 surprising reasons why some Muslims marry immediately before Ramadan.


A typical Islamic marriage ceremony is performed at the Masjid

The last few weeks has been busy . Way busy . Guess what the occasion was ? Marriage ! Yes ! . It’s not uncommon to see parties mounted on street corners in my neighborhood on a weekly basis .

But that activity has intensified in the last few weeks with not less than 20 marriages celebrated across the twin cities of Nima and Mamobi extending towards Newtown . One may ask what accounts for such phenomena. Continue reading