5 surprising reasons why some Muslims marry immediately before Ramadan.


A typical Islamic marriage ceremony is performed at the Masjid

The last few weeks has been busy . Way busy . Guess what the occasion was ? Marriage ! Yes ! . It’s not uncommon to see parties mounted on street corners in my neighborhood on a weekly basis .

But that activity has intensified in the last few weeks with not less than 20 marriages celebrated across the twin cities of Nima and Mamobi extending towards Newtown . One may ask what accounts for such phenomena.

Marriage spans cultural and traditional practices but Islam takes precedence over the processes and requirements.

Sometimes I wonder why the rush before Ramadan but I am yet to run into anyone who could give me a worthwhile explanation.

Below are the reasons why people marry before Ramadan . Note that these are my opinions.

Islamically it’s a sin to indulge in fornication with or without Ramadan . but to find a way to legitimise sex during that period is attributed as one of the reasons why people are quick to tie the knot before the month of complete abstinence sets in . Vices such as drinking, gossip and backbiting are prohibited but sex for married couple is allowed after sunset although it’s not recommended . Marriage in this regard seem a better avenue if one cannot control their sexual urges.

Safeguarding faith
faith is one of the most inspiring aspects of religion and Islam is no exception. In order to adhere strictly to the Islamic codes of morality and to protect ones faith people use marriage as a means to protect them from engaging in activities that will impugn on their morality.

Family pressure
Men are inclusive but my experience about this falls on women. In Islam women are allowed to marry after they reach puberty. Some have argued that age variation and other factors do not allow a girl say 14 years to properly adapt to the role of a wife and more importantly a mother. but family pressure mostly due to poverty or other cultural matters places undue pressure on women to marry at a particular age especially those hitting their 30s. This is not because they are mentally, physically,emotionally and financially ready but because of pressures emanating from relations especially when there is not enough space in the house to accommodate everyone.

Peer influence
This is an important reason why people rush into marriage especially before Ramadan. People usually settle when the fasting month approaches because their friends think it’s about time coupled with the blessings one will acquire if they perform this Islamic obligatory under strict piety of a marital home.

Help me through the fasting period : 

This is actually silly but I’ve head some people mention it as a reason for getting married before the start of Ramadan. It’s a short term/temporary or contract marriage called “Mut’a” which is mostly condemned by a section of Islamic scholarship. Some people can’t stand the idea of being alone especially such trying times especially with regards to sexual urges. So they adopt this method to prevent them from committing sin . Its only for a month or less but the very idea of being alone throughout the period seem like a scary idea so such marriage avenues come to mind and a quick one at that to make sure certain difficulties associated with fasting are overcomed with ease .


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