On the the Farm of the Self-serving man . 

Man by nature is inherently selfish and callous to his neighbor . You don’t need rocket science to know this . Just take a stroll in your neighborhood and try asking any passerby to help you move a burdening luggage to the other side of the street . Many will decline with the excuse that they have a meeting to catch or something much important needs their attention . This particular instance was my recent experience .

I however believe there are a quite a number of people who would’ve given me a better experience  . I also believe a number of you might have encountered similar situations under different circumstance . I hope you were able to offer assistance in your own little way.

Today , I’m not here to reemphasise over the obvious but just to draw your attention to this cancer that is gradually eroding our humanity . Tearing down every inkling of the human genome in our race.

We are gradually devolving into our bestial primates and there is no shame about it . We are proud of our scientific progress and will quickly give ourselves credit for being the most civilized people to ever grace earth . But is that the case? Ask yourself.


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