This empty shell

That thinly veiled titillations

Of self importance

The awkward grasp of those fleeting moments

Yet none has understood that these meaningless Refinements do nothing

But obscure our steps

In no particular order , it matters not

What your essence does , give up or

Extracted from this coated flesh

In the end nothing matters

But a floating river of endlessness

The infinite affinity

Walk with me on this path

Let’s keep on this trail

Paving the way to a distant

Land we can barely see but

In our hearts can feel it’s depth.

The gladdening hearts of these greens

Greet our feet with warmth of ethereal sensations that soothes our soul.

These paths now know our name

For in its likeness we found our shadows

So beloved let’s trudge on however wearily

Our eyes may be blind to the truths of our heart,

nonetheless a way , a narrow , winding and windy stream lulls to our approach,

Our feet may breathe at its banks and we can finally say to each other we’re home now .


I will stare at you

Let me be the fool of the comedic gallery

I will stare at you

Let the tongues wag with gossip

I will stare at you

Let your beautiful eyes project cosmic magnificence

I will stare at you

Let your golden voice permeate my spirit

I will stare at you

Let your silky skin brush against my soul

I will stare at you

Let your enchanting smile engulf my being

I will stare at you

Let the moon be jealous of your grace

I will still stare at you

My heart’s rhetoric has been defined in your fondness and devotion.

Regardless, I will always stare at your divinity which brings me serenity .

Dedicated to all women- the mothers of mankind . Happy International Womens Day

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Dear Ghanaian

Where have you been

Running around town?

Living your house to be decimated

By the crooked politician who

Tell lies and you believe them

Oh old citizen of fate

The rising debt saved for your progeny

Is stacking high like the skyscraper

The house has been ransacked

Come home to the emptiness

Where your wailing does you no good

Nobody will hear your cries when the dust

From your bones won’t even remember your name

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Warm Swarm

Fill in the lines and write me some lies

Below the belt of belief ,

Yet I insist on the unknown path.

If the ways of the sun were obvious

Do you not think I would see it lines

In the skies,

Traveling across the distance of time

Regardless of the grand cosmic superstition.

An inwards traipsing of narrow and darkened roads,

That needs the supervision of a coach.

But it belies the little wonder of knowing

Exactly what an escape can be made of.

In that awakened sense

The last shadow that crosses my breath

Will cement its place in this glorious

Cascading ways of life


The dusk and the dawn

Have been friends for long

How did I know

shouldn’t I grow

I’m in the class of old

Maybe not ones but two folds

Riding in these cities and towns

They know I’m coming and the wages

Of sin is dread and I bring no rest



Yes slowly

Show me thy beauty slowly

Unmask thy luminous warmth

Shade by shade

Light by light


Let the world have a taste of thee

In all your hidden glory

When the edges of your light touches your shadow

And the cast shade blossoms into a single beam

How do I not be enthralled by your splendor

But slowly you begin to recede

The radiance humbles

You bow out

The sky rejoiced your presence

The clouds take over

A voice from distance echoes your faded sparkle

In a bellowing cry , you let out a final shine

And I , a last smile

How to hack a waakye seller – steps and guidelines to get your monies worth.


I will not waste any time delving into the waakye/jollof debate. It’s baseless because I doubt any such comparisons will be fair.

As waakye attains a state of sainthood in the Ghanaian culinary discourse, I will like to share some proven guidelines on hacking a waakye seller in order to get the best of your money’s worth in these pressing economic times. Continue reading