Political witch hunting – the justification of crime .

So Ibrahim Mahama will walk free for defrauding the state . He will do without any worry because his brother was the president, and any attempt to jail him will be misconstrued, as its already being done, as political witch hunting .

This is indeed a sad time to be a Ghanaian and to witness this blatant disregard to the rule of law as a citizen of this country . Continue reading


Instant justice : Inhumanity or deserved punishment 

The savagery and barbarity of some humans will definitely make some animals in the wild jealous . Trust me, they will cringe at the uncivilized way humans have chosen to settle their differences.

Last Saturday, I woke up to a disturbing video being circulated on various social media networks . The content ? A horrifying one – a marauding crowd had stripped a young woman on the allegation of theft . First, I asked if it was an archival footage but I found out it was recent, merely a day old . Continue reading