Native Explorer 

I’m an explorer in the universe .I’m everywhere your thought goes.

Every thought expressed guides me .

Neither either wither my relief .

They are absurdities of my limitations .

But I will strike at that infinite source .

Traveling in profound specificities of ;

The unthinkable , yet imagined , yet exploding of more gracious humility .


The other “Jon”


What else do you know of the name “John” apart from it being a common English name or probably a surname. Maybe John the Apostle, a follower of Jesus de Christus and the author of the gospel of John. Another is the Baptist, the man who supposedly baptised De Christus.


John Mahama Photo Credit


Then we have John Doe, a generic male name used to identify those unknown. I bet many of you are familiar with these Johns but not this “JON”. Alright.


The other John I want to talk about is far from being John the Mahama. Although I think he is quite the most popular of the Ghana John’s. Most probably due to the numerous scandals that has plagued his presidency in recent memory.

That reminds me of the 2016 electioneering campaign where the biblical john achieved political resonance . Trust politicians to always find ways to sell their political messages and John 3:16 came in handy .

John 3:16 has inherited a political phrase and colour in the heat of the campaign with much emphasis on the number 3 inundated with political interpretations. in the end two thousand and sixteeeeeeeen will forever evoke painful election defeat for the NDC party and excitement for the NPP party.

The flagship song  was supposed to propel the NDC campaign to victory, rather gifted the NPP a song to tease the NDC with veiled sarcastic gestures during NPP victory celebrations.

However the unknown jon  is colloquial in the Ghanaian context. We have moved from biblical John the Baptist to Jon the variant. The Jon that is identified with stupidity or foolishness. It is most commonly used, albeit mildly as an adjective, to describe an activity or behavior that is considered foolish or a direct insult on someone’s intelligence. For example in local Ghanaian parlance; “Jon Boy”, “Woy3 Jon wati”, “John like you” has come to mean a simpleton. As to how that came to represent foolishness or stupidity, I don’t know but my guess is that a person by the name “John” might have done something really stupid to warrant such a tag.Haha


Paucity of love 

Draining rain from the skies 
Behold the entitled dreams of love 

Out of reach is the flailing arms of thy beloved . 

Relinquish thee and feel free , tolling bells

The numbers are swelling and the eyes are stirring .

Oh , I could see that shiny spark left for good.

Burnishing coal, the old folk is cold 

All that is needed is love to oil the rusty life lived .