Justifying insults in the name of criticism – the case of Razak Brimah

Ghana is an interesting country . I don’t even know why I consider it so interesting, but there are so many things that make “us” interesting . Our ability to devalue serious issues into comedic moments always leaves issues in a hilarious state . But this is not always the case and one such time is when one is expected to bottle their frustrations, regardless of how they feel about it . For example, one can’t criticize the powers that be nor say anything against people in authority no matter how they’re offended . These group of people, aka the status quo, many a times abhor criticism yet have the propensity to launch the most verbal tirade against anyone who doesn’t cow-tow to their demands . One just has to accept what’s thrown at them and keep mute . After all they call the shots .


Razak Briamah walking out of the dugout during one of the Black stars match – PhotoCredit:Senyuiedzorm Adadevoh 

You do that or face the consequences of being victimized or blacklisted because you dare criticize the status quo . I have grown use to it as have many people in my shoes . One is always cowered into silence because they dare not go against the powers that be no matter how grievous they are offended about something . What am I on about this morning : Razak Brimah .

Yes Razak, Ghana’s number 1 choice goalkeeper for some few years now . He’s waged a war against the custodians of morality and principle . Gone against the status quo and criticized the many Ghanaian football fans . His case ? Stop being mean spirited and be positive Supporters of the national football team cause .

He might have gone overboard with his acerbic tongue and choice of words. But clearly this is a guy who has been frustrated by the constant vilification of his performance in post . He may not be a fine goalkeeper compared to others in terms of performance but he does give his best. It’s unfortunate he took this route to address his frustrations with the Ghanaian football fans who are already calling for his head as they usually do with all other players who have gone against the status quo .

You sometimes can’t blame the Ghanaian football fans because they are a passionate breed, especially when football is concerned. These supporters wear their heart on their sleeve and the intensity is doubled when it comes to the black stars . They love football and a testament of that is the manifestation of the many soccer cinemas and betting centers that is scattered across urban cities in the country .

Now back to Brimah, I sympathize with him for enduring all these negative energy. I relate very well to his frustrations. We all have our breaking points and I believe he’s done very well to hold it in all this while although he could’ve handled it better. It is unfair to condemn him for the emotions he legitimately feels . He has every right to feel that way and equally vent his frustration .

I laugh when the argument used in defence of the abuse he had to suffer and endure was that even presidents , duty bearers and other important personalities get insulted . Really ? Is that justification enough? To say others have endured it so he should keep quiet about it . How is that anything close to sensible ? I mean how ?

The medium through which he channeled his frustration may not be the best, but Ghanaians will now know that the constant insults and vilification gets to him and to some extent affect him psychologically . The same way some Ghanaians were offended by his rants should give them a clue just how he feels each time they attack his person because he plays for the country.

It’s simply not fair to insult national players because they are paid with the tax payers money . If it bothers us so much why not dissolve the team and concentrate on other disciplines. But to always hit hard on people who are trying to bring national glory to us is simply bad . It’s bad no matter how you look at it . There is no problem offering constructive criticism of player performance that can lead to their growth and enhanced performance . But to use outright insults to denigrate a player for poor performance is unacceptable and does more harm than good , mentally or otherwise .

Just leave the guy alone .


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