Political witch hunting – the justification of crime .

So Ibrahim Mahama will walk free for defrauding the state . He will do without any worry because his brother was the president, and any attempt to jail him will be misconstrued, as its already being done, as political witch hunting .

This is indeed a sad time to be a Ghanaian and to witness this blatant disregard to the rule of law as a citizen of this country . Continue reading


When government doesn’t act in the interest of the people….

Dr Kwabena Donkor – former Power Minister

I’ve always wondered why the political class seem to be targeted in the event of a revolution , a coup d’etat or any violent disruption in the governance process . It’s not because I’m oblivious to their many atrocities such as misappropriating public money/trust and the many forms of corruption . No !

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Whose idea was it ? ¬†– Lamentations of a soldier .

Image credit – Emaze

To kill and maim
To injure and destroy 

Arms stretched lord reach out to me 

Because I’m outgunned and outnumbered

Remember me for I am the son of the son

I sob but I wail for the tears of my brothers 

The oozing blood of taller years unfold 

Right before my eyes my codified honor is thrown back at my face 

I am the last surviving victim of the vicious scheme

Untold disaster I have wrecked on my neighbours 

For God so loved the world that he dragged me through the minefield of unknown faces 

They haunt me for I have taken what is dearly dear to them 

For me they consider a monster with a helmet 

The anti human of no humanity 

Despised and forgotten

All I have is blood straining from my bleeding emotions 

You dare not talk about it because the devil is listening 

The vain of all hopes I have carried and I have married 

Birthing the sorrows of million tears of innocent lives 

Beyond all justifications and morality , the law reigns supreme 

But my conscience died in the sorrows of the gone soul