Contextualising Trump’s blanket ban on Muslims

Donald J Trump is considered by his critiques quite the obnoxious, malevolent, atrocious megalomaniac of the 21st century. A distasteful monster masquerading and navigating the path of hatred institutionalised by humans. Continue reading


Greedy money 

Now allow me tell you a story about greedy money .

Yessss greedy money- entitled greed for that matter .
Yes it was greedy . Attention seeking bastard .

Always on the lookout for something to bite.

And it indeed did bite hard . So hard I fought to keep my zeros .

But you wouldn’t blame it would you ? That’s what it’s suppose to do you will argue you tool…. Haha silly euphemism for the obvious .

Not in the life of cash trap and depressed economic calculations .

Try as I could .couldn’t convince it to stay put .

Nooooo it was always on the road pinching my pocket and pitching wherever it pleases .

Regardless of the circumstances , greedy money has no sympathy for lose finances nor pity for frugality .

Greedy money , your nigh is perceptible with a handless disciple as your master .

The lost jewel 

A princess was born , a queen to remember 
A poem composed – to a yielding heart to remember .

Deceived from her glorious magnificence she slumped . 

Tilling the land , sweaty brows her testament 

Her crown might fall , her imperial song she couldn’t tender . 

A luminous jewel ,cast away in the obscured corners of a darkened universe.

Isolated in thoughts , the lies she bought 

Her dreams she forgot , arise – she did not

Behind the fastidious life , her crown is lost 

Stolen by the drudgery of being still she persists 

A ray of hope she perceives , yet incomplete 

A resting crown waiting for its queen 

A new dawn to begin . 

African intellectuals and the cultural myth . 

I was very disappointed when people who will pass as intellectuals making spurious arguments about how devious our culture is . This was because of the various displays of rich Ashanti history at the final funeral rights of the late Asantehemaa. Some of the arguments were that there was nothing cultural about displaying fetishes and their charms and that its only satanic . Continue reading