Man’s Ego and a Thriving War Industry- A Brief Retrospection


Photo Credit – Al Jazeera

Men kill each other over ego and superiority instead of looking at the best interest of safeguarding innocent lives who most of the time are counted as collateral damage of conflicts and wars they have no knowledge about.

I am not from a rich country, neither am I wealthy nor comfortable. in fact the average nominal per capita income of my country is a little above $1,511.

But the fact is too many people have died and continue to die in wars created in political meetings spearheaded by politicians and stakeholders with vested interests. This self-sustaining war industry final interest rest  greed.I cannot overrule the influence of political and ideological underpinnings in such unfortunate conflicts but again why would a reasonable man want to profit from the death of another. From this standpoint, I tend to agree with Thomas Hobbes description of the state of man as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”.

No one seems to care about who dies anymore. Every minor political disagreement could be blown up by the media  and the end result is death of innocent people .

Earlier today,I was watching a news story on Al Jazeera News Network and my heart sunk further into my stomach because of the worsening famine situation of the people of Yemen.

Already one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, their problems  have been compounded by a civil war which doesn’t seem to see an end in sight. This war  began in 2015 and has brought nothing but more pain and devastation to the people.

Again I am not a saint. I have my shortcomings but I abhor any kind of violence. I find it very disturbing that humans would entertain the thoughts of war when much focus could be concentrated on sustainable development and repairing the already fractured bridge of peace that has eluded us for eternity.

Yemen is facing one of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world and I cant seem to figure out how the UN can’t find $2.1bn to provide aid but its richest neighbours Saudi Arabia strikes an arms deal worth over a 100 billion dollars with America. I will be the first to admit the complicated nature of geopolitics but this doesn’t sink in. at all.

To this, I ask where is our humanity?


5 surprising reasons why some Muslims marry immediately before Ramadan.


A typical Islamic marriage ceremony is performed at the Masjid

The last few weeks has been busy . Way busy . Guess what the occasion was ? Marriage ! Yes ! . It’s not uncommon to see parties mounted on street corners in my neighborhood on a weekly basis .

But that activity has intensified in the last few weeks with not less than 20 marriages celebrated across the twin cities of Nima and Mamobi extending towards Newtown . One may ask what accounts for such phenomena. Continue reading

Political witch hunting – the justification of crime .

So Ibrahim Mahama will walk free for defrauding the state . He will do without any worry because his brother was the president, and any attempt to jail him will be misconstrued, as its already being done, as political witch hunting .

This is indeed a sad time to be a Ghanaian and to witness this blatant disregard to the rule of law as a citizen of this country . Continue reading

When government doesn’t act in the interest of the people….

Dr Kwabena Donkor – former Power Minister

I’ve always wondered why the political class seem to be targeted in the event of a revolution , a coup d’etat or any violent disruption in the governance process . It’s not because I’m oblivious to their many atrocities such as misappropriating public money/trust and the many forms of corruption . No !

Continue reading

Whose idea was it ?  – Lamentations of a soldier .

Image credit – Emaze

To kill and maim
To injure and destroy 

Arms stretched lord reach out to me 

Because I’m outgunned and outnumbered

Remember me for I am the son of the son

I sob but I wail for the tears of my brothers 

The oozing blood of taller years unfold 

Right before my eyes my codified honor is thrown back at my face 

I am the last surviving victim of the vicious scheme

Untold disaster I have wrecked on my neighbours 

For God so loved the world that he dragged me through the minefield of unknown faces 

They haunt me for I have taken what is dearly dear to them 

For me they consider a monster with a helmet 

The anti human of no humanity 

Despised and forgotten

All I have is blood straining from my bleeding emotions 

You dare not talk about it because the devil is listening 

The vain of all hopes I have carried and I have married 

Birthing the sorrows of million tears of innocent lives 

Beyond all justifications and morality , the law reigns supreme 

But my conscience died in the sorrows of the gone soul 

Spoils of war and a confused president 


It is said that a big head does not equate knowledge or wisdom . The wisdom behind this old age adage is to emphasize the insignificance size when it comes to efficiency  .

After the war comes the sharing of the spoils . A lot of party folks who played major and minor role are playing their political cards to secure appointment in the president’s government. Some go to the extreme in undermining others in order to secure certain positions in government. Continue reading

Bloated profits , deflated passengers 

There have been agitations of transport fare increases this past few weeks . Although the transport union – the body of all commercial bus drivers have asked the commercial bus drivers not to increase their fairs in reaction to increase in petroleum products, specifically fuel – Some drivers went against the directive and were charging arbitrary fares. At a point, I decided to enquire from one of the leaders of the bus stations . I usually pick my bus to work from there . I asked him why they’ve increased their fares when others haven’t . He explained, albeit peppered with insults on the union executives, blaming them for being unsympathetic to the plight of drivers. 

According to him a lot goes into running a commercial bus and that fuel prices were increased 3 times without adjustment in bus fares . So their increase in fares was in order . After listening to him , I felt sympathetic besides I need the bus to go to work so I paid the new fair two times . But yesterday after hearing the fuel price have been reduced I decided not to pay the new fare. The bus conductor was hell bent on taking the extra but I wasn’t even looking at him . All of a sudden an elderly man at the back of the bus decides to insult me . He goes like ” my friend if you don’t have the money just tell the bus conductor you don’t have the money . Who do you think you are . ”
 I initially didn’t want to respond but I felt I have to tell him my peace of mind so I retorted ” mr man you’re an elderly person so please respect yourself . Who told you I have no money to pay . But I won’t pay . These guys are cheats . Or you think I don’t know what I am about .” That was it and the already agitated passengers joined in to lambast them for being cheats . Now the man was quiet, can’t say anything, because everyone was complaining at the increase of the fare as not being fair . So today when I was leaving I was envisaging another fight . Only to realize the fare had been reduced to the original . 

It’s so annoying sometimes especially when a lot of bus stations have not increased their fares. It was part of my argument of why I refused to pay the extra . Well today I paid the original fare . I am thinking someone might have tipped the executives that someone was causing trouble lol . This was not the first time though .