How to hack a waakye seller – steps and guidelines to get your monies worth.


I will not waste any time delving into the waakye/jollof debate. It’s baseless because I doubt any such comparisons will be fair.

As waakye attains a state of sainthood in the Ghanaian culinary discourse, I will like to share some proven guidelines on hacking a waakye seller in order to get the best of your money’s worth in these pressing economic times.You will do yourself a favor by maximizing output with every cedi equivalent in input.

Locate a Waakye zone:

If you have not already done that then it means you are not a waakye ardent so I wouldn’t bother with much time on that.

It’s an undeniable fact that the best sellers live in the Zongo localities preferably Nima, Mamobi, Newtown etc… don’t dispute it, just locate your zone lol

Strike a conversation;

Most food vendors are friendly unless they want to sell you frowning face so I would say you have a head start. Begin by commending her waakye skills. Some pointers to guide you; “Your waakye dey bee pass all the waakye for this zone” , “Your shito be killer” , “Hajia baako p3 no size” … and so on .

If she’s not smiling by this time then you are better off dancing skelewu to another junction. Hehehehe. However, if she smiles and giggles at you then you’re on your way to hitting the waakye lottery.

Caution: don’t go flirting with the Hajia, cracking flat jokes and don’t be overly conversational. Just do it like a boss with some style and smiles!

Buying method:

Don’t be too knowing. Follow the rules. If I was a prophet and was wielding the scriptures, you would listen. So listen now;

Thou shall tell the seller: I come before you a famished stranger, wearily I come!

It goes like this give me waakye 2 cedis or any amount and wait. Don’t rush. I’ve discovered that the more you’re in a hurry to finish buying, the more she’s in a haste to deprive you of your legitimate scoops. So relax.

Depending on your need for embellishment with the other accompaniment, buy them in a systematic way. If it is one cedi then say so and relax with about 5 second’s interval. She might seem inpatient with your delays but trust me it works. Especially when she says 3herr which means and what? Now do this for others as well. Let your patience override hers because you’re buying to satisfy a digestive need which inherently is tied to austerity and not to unduly inflate her profits.

Protein products:

When it comes to buying meat, fish , egg or wele – the dreaded leather meat , you must be careful . You must bring your optometrist bit to the table by properly gauging the size of any of the protein you intend to accompany your food. A waakye seller might try to sell you meat for more than it’s worth. Key word here is vigilance.

Selecting protein product:

Don’t let the waakye seller dictate to you the kind of meat you should buy especially when it comes to buying wele. Don’t be led into buying a wele that is a no match for steel bender.

Another thing is size of the red meat and fish offered. Do yourself a favor by sizing up the meat or fish and bargain if you can . I do it sometimes when I sense the size is not proportional to the price. Don’t be all up in your English suit. Bargain and get your monies worth.

Shito and sauce:

All your labour in the waakye maternity block ends here. Trust me if the shito is no good, the waakye will be a disaster.  That is why it is advisable to know your waakye zone in order to implement this 5 star guidelines.

Try this proven guidelines and thank me later.


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