Freedom of choice and the illusions democracy

We live under the illusions of democracy . As simple and mundane as it may sound to the initiated mind . Some would think freedom is the choice of selecting one of two evils . To make them believe they are actually exercising their right to choose leadership that will make their lives comfortable . This very illusion is the reason a country like Ghana is held backwards by the two political party machinery always scheming to hold onto power perpetually despite their gross inefficiencies and incompetence .

It’s ever depressing to think that a political party can alleviate the problems of the masses when they only concentrate on feeding their membership fat off the taxes of the same masses they gloriously claim to serve . Isn’t it heart wrenching to believe that a system that continuously perpetuates this kind of criminality enjoys massive support from the same people it is emasculating. I don’t blame the average citizens who rely on mainstream media for their daily dose of information . It’s even more frustrating when alternative sources are barren and unless perhaps when one is a critical thinker who subjects all information to scrutiny. If not then it’s obvious the larger population is going to stick with the daily dose of disinformation and misinformation. It’s like constantly begging to be force fed by your captive . Then eventually Stockholm syndrome takes over . The citizen now believes the system actually cares about their wellbeing . That the political good overrides the national good . Just because the cadres of the party machinery are feeding of the crumbs that falls of the table of the crooked ones . This is extended to the relatives of these fanatic bunch who of course do not see anything wrong with what’s wrong . Probably because they are made to believe they are part of the select group but unknown to them they are only kept as guard and attack dogs when the need arises .

It’s quite interesting to note that the horde of hoodlums and vigilantes parading the streets of the city believing they are powerful enjoy the tacit enjoyment of the political setup in connivance with the security apparatuses . It’s very tricky when it comes to these bunch . Nothing actually works for them in the real life because they are forced to lay off and are usually discarded when they are not needed .

All these while we battle with the betrayal of the select group who represent themselves rather than the people. Amazingly they form the two . Scratch that, essentially one major political party in the country . They basically share the same ideas on governance . That is feed off as much fat as we can on the back of the suffering masses . A typical conversation within the secret political chamber goes like this: ‘Let’s use their backs as serving trays, they’re too fatigued to notice any different . Let’s make them oblivious of their plight , set them up against each other with nothing but senseless propaganda that does not thing to placate their problems ‘.

In this regard if democracy is a better option of choosing someone to represent your opinion in a building that effectively barricades you from entering , then you should know that you’ve been sold a fraud. A system I would call democratic dictatorship. Being held captive by two uninspiring ideologies masquerading as the angel of light to lead the sheep out of darkness . With time it will become obvious like the illusions of dogma , that this very system only seeks to keep you in check and hero worship the very monster that raped and killed your dearest relative . Yet still you have no way of deciding wether to avenge the injustice done to you or pray for your captor. What happens next is to stay awake watching the stars, count your breath as you lay claim to a world unready to accommodate your intransigent thoughts . Much precisely an ideology that subjugates you to perpetual slavery of the mind , body and soul .


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