Why Black People should stop taking offense on supposed racist commercials .

It’s not even funny anymore . People will find virtually anything to be offended by as if that gives them some kind of privilege. Very soon breathing will be considered offensive .

Why ? All it takes is for the next person to find it offensive .I’ve been reading reaction of the recent dove advert and how people ( black) are just hell bent on chewing the company because of an advertisement concept they considered to be racist in nature . Must we react to everything on racist terms . It’s very annoying when we give these things space . My position on this issue does not in anyway absolve the company of any wrong doing . What I’m saying is this is deliberate and the earlier we know it the better .

I just wonder why we place too much emphasis on nothing . Racist ideas have been perpetuated since time immemorial and some are even subtle and it’s not about to stop any time soon . Would you tell me those who approved the advert did not envisage your emotional reaction . Of course they knew there will be a backlash but still went ahead to release it . Because you are predictable and it only takes things like this to push the button .

Please black people stop getting offended by these deliberate and systematic attempts to provoke you . Please don’t get offended and focus on better things that will advance the cause of unity and progress for all people of this world . Stop it please . How long are you going to keep falling into that trap . They keep baiting you and you keep falling .

I repeat they were aware of the racist implications of the commercial but still went ahead to roll it out . It’s obvious people who okayed this advert are smart people . Of course it has to take delicate precision to be able to out your feelings like that .But I can only think of it as a bait to get the black people offended and explode their market .

My point is black people have the right to express their anger over the unfairness but being offended adds nothing to the struggle or to the cause .

It’s about time we realize these things are targeted and it will not stop anytime soon . The more you get offended the more mileage the advert will receive . Stop it now .


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