Enemies of the republic 


Major Maxwell Adams Mahama

I think one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made this year is watching the video of captain Adams Mahama’s lynching .If just watching the video could give me such nightmares then I wonder what the perpetrators of that dastardly act would go through that is assuming they have a heart or the conscience to commit themselves to some introspection.Nobody deserves to die the way  Adams Mahama was brutally murdered. Not even an animal should be killed this way and if you have any form of decency you will not consume animal products killed this way. Not to even talk to a full bloodied human being. A decent hardworking Ghanaian for that matter. This is just too much to digest.

I refrained from commenting on this issue because there was too many angles and information to sift from . Rumors and conjectures filled the media landscape and the noise had drummed out the substance of the true story behind the gruesome murder of a man who had sworn to protect his country against external and internal aggression. Not only that but to lay down his life when it matters most in the war front in defence of his country but sadly his compatriots snuffed his life out of him amidst pleas and cries for mercy.

Honestly all emotions I intend to convey with this blog post is exhausted because I just don’t know how to feel or the right words to use . I’m lost, however I will still put out my thoughts regardless.

There are all kinds of insights to what might have led to the gruesome murder of the military officer but after diluting all the information that came my way I’ve come to understand it in three main spheres.

First is the speculations of the possibility that it was a premeditated murder of a man the indigenes (Those involved in illegal mining) believe was being a hindrance to their Galamsey activities. Well, I’ve seen many mob action and lynching of suspected criminals and I can confidently say that the kind of assault he was subjected to was not normal going by what I have previously witnessed. That is to say the intent to kill him was obvious.

Secondly, like I stated earlier man has devolved into its bestial primates with a closed thinking capacity. Some Ghanaians see no reason to show compassion or express sympathy to a thief/robber armed or otherwise who has inflicted on them the pain of losing their property sometimes at the cost of their lives.

Thirdly, a chunk of the argument rests on the loss of faith in the legal system. According to some of the arguments I’ve come across so far many were of the opinion that criminals with good lawyers are most of the time left off the hook which has generated distrust for the court system. In as much as I agree with some of the points raised, I will have to disagree entirely with that line of argument. The purveyors of such arguments may have basis for such assumptions, perhaps influenced by experience but that kind of reasoning lacks cogency.

In many instances the bulk of the blame false on prosecutors for failing to do their job but that argument cannot hold because if there are no incriminating evidence against suspected criminals, the court cannot simply convict a suspect without substantial evidence. How then does the court proceed to punish these suspected criminals if evidence does not show they have committed a particular crime or not? The democratic system which our country has subscribed to does not allow people to be jailed arbitrarily or contrary to laid down laws and rules of procedure. That being said I think it’s unfair to make such generalizations.

Lastly I think the viciousness of the human species is a considerable factor. The human has been vicious ever since we acquired our survival skills from the ages of hunters and gatherers. These skill which require man to be brutal to preys and enemies in order to survive has not been entirely tamed with the coming of civilization. I will delve into the subject of Man’s viciousness and its relationship to civilization.

Earlier this year I made a post about how a marauding crowd of mostly man who violated a woman on the allegations of theft . As a means of punishment the crowd stripped her naked and beat her . As I did then I still maintain that the human savagery knows no bounds .

In as much as we condemn the barbaric murder of the Ghanaian military captain , we must also desist from encouraging equally distasteful methods of rounding up suspects through violent means .



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