Political witch hunting – the justification of crime .

So Ibrahim Mahama will walk free for defrauding the state . He will do without any worry because his brother was the president, and any attempt to jail him will be misconstrued, as its already being done, as political witch hunting .

This is indeed a sad time to be a Ghanaian and to witness this blatant disregard to the rule of law as a citizen of this country . The man willfully defrauded the state to the tune of 12.7 million cedis, equivalent to 3 million dollars, but minions are mounting insane defence for this crime which frankly is embarrassing . Imagine if his brother had won the elections? That means there was no way in God’s green earth this fraud would have been uncovered . Not to talk of the ones we don’t know and probably will never know about .

To even suggest that the president’s brother had no intention of defrauding the state is a slap in the face of right thinking people . Come on, there is a clearly established pattern to evade import duties by issuing dud cheques . The worst is to issue it up to 24 times . How is anybody able to defend this and claim to love their country .

I was watching News Analysis programme on Saturday 22 April and one of the panelist, who obviously is an NDC apologist, claiming that Ibrahim Mahama issued the cheques against an account that was expect deposits and in the legal frame that cannot be considered fraud since there was an intent to pay. But what he failed to state in his argument was why the president’s brother issued a cheque 24 times when he is aware the account had no money . The first three times should be enough evidence to suggest a fraudulent intent .

It gets even more interesting when Robert Mensah , an assistant Commissioner at the Ghana Revenue Authority in charge of communication, stating that they (The Commission) realized the accounts in which the cheque was issued was closed/blocked when they presented the first cheque and had since not bothered presenting anymore cheques issued by the president’s brother . One could see that any attempt to defend this criminality falls flat in the face of hard evidence from the records at the GRA and Ibrahim Mahama’s bankers .

What is this country turning into? Isn’t it ironic that none of these defenders would accept this to be done to their private companies or personal properties . Would they allow him to do what he did to the state to their own companies.
The most pathetic and heart wrenching of all this is the youth, particularly those of slum background (I know many of them by face) who followed him to the office of the Economic and Financial Crime Organisation (EOCO), when he was invited to answer questions of alleged fraud charges leveled against him . It’s disheartening to watch a video showing of these youth, many whom I consider jobless, swearing and casting aspersions on government simply because the former president’s brother was invited by the EOCO .

It’s very sad when youth who should’ve championed the retrieval of the monies owed the state are, rather, defending a criminality that goes a long way to affect the livelihood of their community and the country at large . The question any rational thinking person would have been the benefit of this money if it was paid to the state . This is beyond conscious political slavery . To deprive yourself of humanity because of sycophancy and boot licking is simply unconscionable.


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