Spoils of war and a confused president 


It is said that a big head does not equate knowledge or wisdom . The wisdom behind this old age adage is to emphasize the insignificance size when it comes to efficiency  .

After the war comes the sharing of the spoils . A lot of party folks who played major and minor role are playing their political cards to secure appointment in the president’s government. Some go to the extreme in undermining others in order to secure certain positions in government.But must everyone be appointed to feel appreciated of the roles they played for the party’s victory in the elections. It is a known fact that most of the 110 people announced by the president to occupy various government positions  have in one way or the other contributed to the success of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) coming into office .  The mere size of the number alone has generated enough heated debates between the two opposing side of the political divide. These debates always self-centered and any politically awoken citizen know this. Its always about the party in power justifying a perceived wrong and opposition always waging a war against it.

In this case while the NPP justifies the number of ministerial appointments with the excuse that it’s far better to know what government is spending your money instead of losing them through corrupt practice, which according to them will not occur under the NPP government.

On the other hand , the National Democratic Congress (NDC )their fiercest critics as usual believe the government is misusing public funds with such a large number of appointees and that the size is indicative

My question is should political expediency be sacrificed on the alter of party politicking . Must the president appoint every “party man” to appease them for the role they played.


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