Bloated profits , deflated passengers 

There have been agitations of transport fare increases this past few weeks . Although the transport union – the body of all commercial bus drivers have asked the commercial bus drivers not to increase their fairs in reaction to increase in petroleum products, specifically fuel – Some drivers went against the directive and were charging arbitrary fares. At a point, I decided to enquire from one of the leaders of the bus stations . I usually pick my bus to work from there . I asked him why they’ve increased their fares when others haven’t . He explained, albeit peppered with insults on the union executives, blaming them for being unsympathetic to the plight of drivers. 

According to him a lot goes into running a commercial bus and that fuel prices were increased 3 times without adjustment in bus fares . So their increase in fares was in order . After listening to him , I felt sympathetic besides I need the bus to go to work so I paid the new fair two times . But yesterday after hearing the fuel price have been reduced I decided not to pay the new fare. The bus conductor was hell bent on taking the extra but I wasn’t even looking at him . All of a sudden an elderly man at the back of the bus decides to insult me . He goes like ” my friend if you don’t have the money just tell the bus conductor you don’t have the money . Who do you think you are . ”
 I initially didn’t want to respond but I felt I have to tell him my peace of mind so I retorted ” mr man you’re an elderly person so please respect yourself . Who told you I have no money to pay . But I won’t pay . These guys are cheats . Or you think I don’t know what I am about .” That was it and the already agitated passengers joined in to lambast them for being cheats . Now the man was quiet, can’t say anything, because everyone was complaining at the increase of the fare as not being fair . So today when I was leaving I was envisaging another fight . Only to realize the fare had been reduced to the original . 

It’s so annoying sometimes especially when a lot of bus stations have not increased their fares. It was part of my argument of why I refused to pay the extra . Well today I paid the original fare . I am thinking someone might have tipped the executives that someone was causing trouble lol . This was not the first time though .


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