Instant justice : Inhumanity or deserved punishment 

The savagery and barbarity of some humans will definitely make some animals in the wild jealous . Trust me, they will cringe at the uncivilized way humans have chosen to settle their differences.

Last Saturday, I woke up to a disturbing video being circulated on various social media networks . The content ? A horrifying one – a marauding crowd had stripped a young woman on the allegation of theft . First, I asked if it was an archival footage but I found out it was recent, merely a day old .

My reaction : Some Ghanaians have totally lost it . Imagine your sister or mother treated this way . Would you be happy ?

The woman being assailed .

I was dumbfounded on just how humans with reasoning capabilities could subject a fellow human, particularly a woman, to such molestation and savagery . Just because she was accused of theft doesn’t give the attackers the right to beat and strip her of her dignity . What more , these attackers are supposed men who may pride themselves as husbands and brothers to other women . What a shame . I felt disgusted . I just can’t bring myself to fathom how these people could do this.

Humans are said to be the only mammals blessed with higher intellect and reasoning capabilities . In any case even if the allegation was true , weren’t the police the right institution to tackle such an allegation?

This unknown lady who was assaulted for allegedly stealing unspecified amounts of money deserves the sympathy of any right thinking Ghanaian .What’s Ghana turning into? Are we institutional using Mob justice ? What are the police doing to curb such notorious and uncivilized behavior that is gradually gaining grounds in our society .

I can’t overemphasize the heart wrenching and devastation I had to endure watching the video of these group of young men who after the assault will probably go home to their mothers, sisters, and wives and claiming to be men .

Newsflash – you are not a man if you strike a woman . You are merely a coward who can’t stand their own image in the mirror . You can’t be a real man when you violently assault a woman in the name of punishment for theft . This can never be right and will never fit into any reasonable argument .

The collapsed woman after she was relentlessly violated by the marauding crowd

The saddest part of the video footage is when these marauding crowd had to stretch open her legs to take photographs of her vagina. While some were busy planting their feet into her orifice, others were smacking her buttocks probably to derive sexual gratification .

At a point in the video the fair skinned alleged thief could be seen pleading with her attackers to spare her but they were relentless. They had no sympathy for a ” pretty thief ” and kept shoving , slapping, and groping her private parts . In some instance one could hear one of the attackers shouting in Twi ” Twa, Twa” to mean take ( pictures and videos of her vagina ) . Only God knows what they intend to do with the footage.

I can only diagnose sexual starvation of these cowards . I wonder what they stand to gain by denigrating a woman who in different circumstance could be their relative or spouse .

The arrested alleged perpetrators of such horror must be severely punished . I hope this case doesn’t die like others before it, and that these people are prosecuted with harsh punishments to serve as deterrent to others .

I believe instant justice must not be allowed to fester . We subscribed to democracy because we believe in the affirmation and protection of human rights . Our security institutions and other stakeholders should strengthen its resolve to drive these atrocious behaviors to the past were it belongs . We can’t pretend to be champions of human rights by book and fail in practicality . It’s about time we take the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground .


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