Greedy money 

Now allow me tell you a story about greedy money .

Yessss greedy money- entitled greed for that matter .
Yes it was greedy . Attention seeking bastard .

Always on the lookout for something to bite.

And it indeed did bite hard . So hard I fought to keep my zeros .

But you wouldn’t blame it would you ? That’s what it’s suppose to do you will argue you tool…. Haha silly euphemism for the obvious .

Not in the life of cash trap and depressed economic calculations .

Try as I could .couldn’t convince it to stay put .

Nooooo it was always on the road pinching my pocket and pitching wherever it pleases .

Regardless of the circumstances , greedy money has no sympathy for lose finances nor pity for frugality .

Greedy money , your nigh is perceptible with a handless disciple as your master .


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