Drifting Notions 

Life is beautiful , I’m yet to deify the idea .
Life is a joke,

I’m yet to appreciate its humour .

Life is fun,

I don’t see the entertainment value .Life is crushing,

Save my energy for another day.

Life is lost,

Bless my soul and relieve me of these burdens .

The creator , the maker , the universe

The wind that directs the sailor to its desired destination .

The every wind that pushes the ship to its destruction .

The languages are many , hear none .

Souls of ages past , learned beyond the troubles of the modern path .

Free my will , free thy will , free will .

The end , the nigh , the dawn , conspicuous shadows .

Be less , be green , between in between .

Choices are made , life is nailed – bailed

All hail the day the feet dips into the ocean of thoughts about life .

Found meaning ?

You will be gone before it finds you .


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