African intellectuals and the cultural myth . 

I was very disappointed when people who will pass as intellectuals making spurious arguments about how devious our culture is . This was because of the various displays of rich Ashanti history at the final funeral rights of the late Asantehemaa. Some of the arguments were that there was nothing cultural about displaying fetishes and their charms and that its only satanic . I was amazed at claims that its the reason why Africa is not developing because we believe in all these demonic forces .

The arrogance with which these statements were made left me in shock . Is it that people are selective on their literature content or it’s unadulterated ignorance. It’s amazing when there are so many books that sheds light on the etymology of this cultural practices that as Africans must be appreciated . It’s sad when these supposed intellectuals have done nothing to better the African continent yet sit on their high horses and proclaim that Africa is cursed due to some of its cultural practices .

These so called African intellectuals have found a way to look negatively upon the African Ancestral Spirituality through the lenses of western dogmas . They see nothing good about their ancestral homes  which is troubling to say the least ..

To what extent must we continue to demonise our identity . Every group of people have a set of ways that makes them unique amongst a larger group say a society or a country . The historical antecedents of some these practices have existed thousands of years before the inception of modern day religious and ideological doctrines . It’s very sad indeed . I’m not an Ashanti but I appreciate every part of their culture . I identify with it because I’m an African , I’m conscious and I know my roots are firmly established in the African soil .

What baffles me is that those who make these arguments use religion . I mean the white man’s concept of how this world came to be and how we need salvation to be in the good books of the creator . But reading through many African literature that abounds in many libraries across the country , I know some of these stories already existed before the advent of religion . Talk of the Yoruba , Igbos, Ashanti and a few others . They have beautiful stories of how this earth came to be and if we follow closely we will realize that most of these African stories are just modernized versions of the supposed new faith .

I respect everyone’s opinion but I don’t share in them . Africa is beautiful, Ghana is beautiful . All cultures from around the world are beautiful . Mind you even these western societies have their own cultures that they practice. Imagine an African calling them out and saying No , your ways are demonic , choose our ways . Can you imagine what would happen ? Anyway I’m a proud African and this is my opinion .


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