Modern day slavery ….

Exploitation , exploitation , exploitation! Exploitation everywhere . Chief causality ; greed . It’s a difficult road working as a contract staff for some of these companies – almost all companies . The sort of treachery they perpetuate in the name of offering employment to the many desperate graduates can leave one with tears in their eyes .In 2013 the Graduate Business Support Scheme ( GBSS) was suppose to provide an enabling environment for graduates to venture into entrepenership . The idea was to provide training ,exposure and mentoring to graduate unemployed youth who would be taking through the processes of business idea generation , planning and how to secure assistance from financial institutions .

The scheme was instituted because  of unstructured courses in the universities  which did not give students practical training of the world of work or engage them in entrepenership training in order to mitigate the overwhelming effect of graduate unemployment.

Should the system be blamed ? A system that emphasizes of rote memory . The ludicrous idea of memorizing texts and replicating them on the exams paper which has come to signify  as the best form of knowlege acquisition .

Graduates will constantly depend on the job market to absorb them . Until the system is restructured and emphasis is placed on entrepenership, the challenge will remain .


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