Dreadful emotion – the fear of…..

I always pride myself as a writer of some sort – a poet in some capacity. I have penned some thoughts that are scattered in many blogs which I’ve not been able to keep track of and I’ve lost some of these blogs because I can’t even retrieve the passwords. Tells you the kind of demons I battle with every single day .I’m not sure of the purpose of this particular write-up but I’m counting on it to build things up henceforth. I just want to fight this lagging spirit within me .

I don’t know how long it will take before I finally give up on this as well . But I will try as much as possible to be consistent with my poetry although I feel they are not good enough . Perhaps what keeps me from publishing my thoughts .

Illustration exemplified

I dread the feeling of not meeting the standards . I don’t actually know what this odd and obsessive emotion is yet I dedicate most of my time to it . Don’t get me wrong . I do get motivated to write something once in a while but sharing it remains an agonizing experience I dread to encounter . I am counting on some renewed spirit – hopefully the positivity drowns the hostility that holds my passion back . So much to say…..
P:S Took me 7 weeks to publish this .






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